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Quartz vs. Granite: How to Choose the Best for You

Quartz vs. Granite: How to Choose the Best for You

Quartz vs. Granite: How to Choose the Best for You

Both quartz and granite have great benefits when you put them to work as countertops in your kitchens or bathrooms, which explains why they have both been so popular. But popular doesn’t always mean right for you, so let’s break it down by characteristics:

It doesn’t get much more natural than a rock straight from the ground. Because granite occurs naturally and is mined in slabs, each piece plucked from the Earth is unique, with its own rich and distinctive variance in tones. “Natural” looking quartz countertops exist but will never look as authentic and natural as granite.

Best natural-looking appearance: Granite

But don’t count quartz out just yet! Because humans engineer it, you can dye it almost any color you desire and apply any pattern to its surface.

Best design versatility: Quartz

What’s the Difference Between Quartz and Granite?

The essential difference between granite and quartz is their origin. Granite is a stone formed in the ground. Granite is harvested from large quarries cut from mountains sides often. It comes out in big slabs cut to fit your countertop.

Every slab has much variety as it is formed by thousands of years or more of minerals being compressed together. You will see variations of tones, movement, and even sparkling due to Mica pressed into the stone. Each piece is a natural wonder!

With quartz, production isn’t that simple. It doesn’t occur naturally. Instead, it consists of a mixture of different types of rock that get set into a resin. When selecting Quartz, you can purchase matching slabs as they are manufactured, follow a distinct “pattern,” and are sold as a style. Various patterns are available, from an absolute white to some that look like an intricate marble patterns. Darker colors and tones are often available as well.

Environmental Friendliness
While engineered quartz is not mined as one piece like granite, it’s the best choice for a green home design since the mining techniques used to extract it do less damage.

Most environmentally friendly: Quartz

Quartz vs. Granite Pricing

If we’re going by the material itself, quartz is more expensive, running at $50 to $100 per square foot. Conversely, Granite goes from $40 to $60 per square foot.

Most affordable material: Granite

Outside of the countertops themselves, you will find that installing countertops ranges from $35 to $85 an hour for labor.

In addition, because both granite and quartz countertops are ample and made of stone, they are heavy and can be damaged if dropped. That makes countertop installation a project you want to leave to the experts.

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